Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All I want for Christmas is Lasik

To all the bitches out there with your 20/20 eyesight...
I Despise You!

As a working, stay-at-home-mom, changing out of your pajamas typically doesn't happen in a day's time.
But, I will have you know, that on the days I run, I change from my pajamas into my running gear!
Hot damn! Gold star for this mom!
So, when the hubs sees me before he goes to work in the morning, I'm sexily greased up from my lack of showering for a few days.
And when he walks in the door, home from work, he gets a glimpse of me in my super tight spandex pants as we pass in the doorway so I can get my run in before it's dark at effin 5:30 in the evening!
And then it's all spandex and sweat and grease for the rest of the night till i sometimes shower before crawling into bed.
Read: My husband is one lucky mamma-jamma!!!

With all that being said, I very rarely bother to put my contacts in either.
I believe my last eye exam was February of 2011.
That shit costs mad dolla dolla bills, y'all!
So, my contacts that are supposed to be changed out every month, are changed according to whenever they rip.
Or burn and irritate the crap out of my eyes.
And sadly, my last contact ripped this morning.

Let's have a moment of silence.....


Now I have no choice BUT to wear my glasses all the time.
Yes, I wore them basically all the time anyway, but I liked having my options!
When I actually do shower, get dressed and go out into the world (ie, the one day a week I go into the office) I like to do it up...put the contacts in and everything!

So, with the sad passing of my contact lens, I called my insurance to see what they would cover for me to have LASIK eye surgery.
All I would have to pay out of pocket is $1525.
An eye.


So, I guess it's on to asking for money for my 30th birthday (coming up in January) so I can afford a freaking eye exam and more contacts.

It's a lot of broke girl status and a lot of sexy librarian going on over here.


  1. Bah! I fell your pain! I am using my last pair of contacts right now and hoping I survive till 2013 when i can use the insurance again bc I also need new glasses! My eyes changed when I was pregnant and the dr thought it was wise to not change my glasses just in case they went back once I had the baby... Thanks doc for saving me some money, but not I still can't see! ... And I am all for laser too, but I know 2 people who had it done and are back to glasses a few years later! You have to hope and pray your eyes don't change or it was a waste!

    1. Aside from the cost of it all, glasses and contacts are just a hassle. I hadn't heard anyone having to go back to glasses after the surgery....oooh, that would piss me off so bad if that happened to me!! SIGH....since I can't afford it anyway, I guess I don't have to worry about it! The glasses I am wearing currently (I've had for probably 4 or 5 years...so I know they're not up to my current vision! oops!!) I got from a website called http://www.choiceeyewear.com/ for super cheap (I think like $20 total) and they've lasted me quite awhile. Once I can finally afford an eye appt, I'll be ordering a new pair from there.

  2. Stupid typing in the iPad.... Hope you can read that typo filled comment!

    1. Haha!! I feel you on typing on an iPad!! I had no problem deciphering! :)

  3. Girl, I feel your pain! Those middle-of-the-night wake ups when I can barely open my eyes to see anyway, I ALWAYS forget to grab my glasses before going to get the little one and I wish at those moments (and ever other) that I could afford Lasik. I have the same type of change-out-monthly contacts that I stretch for 3 months and usually wear my glasses until I get a shower (sometimes 2pm)except on days when my allergies kick my ass...which is often. UGH! I feel your broke pain... "If I had $1,000,000..." :)

    1. It sounds to me that busy mommy's should get LASIK for free. Hmmmmmm.....

  4. Ohh I totally get it! I stopped wearing my contact lenses because they were bugging my eyes so much and now have to wear my glasses all the time too! I don't even have insurance to call and see what they can do for me! hahah...so it's the glasses until I raise some cash, marry a Dr. or come into some Mulla!!! :)