Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Am I late on the Instagram train?

Well hello, there hoochies!

There really is no point to this post other than a shameless plug!

My mom got me an iPhone as my (early) Christmas present.
(What exactly do you mean when you say..."Welcome to the 21st Century"??)

I primarily wanted it for the running and fitness apps.
No joke!
Map My Run is a must in my book for my runs!
--Since there's no way in hell I can afford a GPS watch! I'm über jelly of those bitches out there that have one and show me their pics of their completed miles and time... ehem, MamaLaughlin and Monica ... Oh yeah?!? Well eat this...
I can do it too!! ...only somehow, the watch pics look so much cooler. *sigh*
 Ok, so anyway, back to the plug...
So I got an iPhone and I'm addicted to Instagram.
Like I cannot get enough of the fun effects and I check it about 20 times a day only to be disappointed that there's not more pictures to like the shit out of out from those I'm following!
(I'm currently following 51...I think I need to be following 2, be exact)

So find me!
Stalk me!
I'll stalk you!
It will be the best relationship you've ever had!


You'll see cool shit like this:

What are some apps you can't live without??


  1. Haha!! Welcome to Instagram and congrats on the early Christmas present! I was addicted to editing pictures for like a month straight! I love instagram, pinterest, Phonto, Color Splash, and PicFrame and Cuptakes for frame apps :) I have about 60 apps in my phone...I'm a bit of a nut! lol Oh and of course, Starbucks ;)

    1. All apps noted! Thanks for the insight! :)