Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

First off, I posted this movement on IG (@kbeavtann) last week and thought it was a great idea!

And here are my 26.2 miles dedicated to you, Boston!

Dedicate your next 26.2 miles and always...Run for Boston!!

And back to it...

I've said it before, I'll say it again!
I ALWAYS seem to plateau at the same last number.
182 wouldn't budge.
172 loved me.
162 was around all through the holidays.
and 152 has lingered around since completing the Advocare cleanse in mid March.

Now let's be honest...
I haven't gotten below 152 for over a month because I have eaten whatever the hell I've wanted to!
Thank God I've been running or I may be closer to the 160's again.
But I've got to reign it back in!

This means eating more but eating cleaner!
Every time I've plateaued before, I upped my calories.
My plan of action is to eat the 1500 calories I'm allotted on MFP as well as eating about half of my workout calories back. (A la Skinny Meg)
My goal is to be in the 140's by the end of April! (And by "140's" I clearly mean 149!!)

I also want to start lifting.
Or working on my legs and arms.
I've taken some of the workouts that Skinny Meg and Mama Laughlin have posted and do them every Sunday.
I don't have a gym membership and the heaviest free weights I own are 3 pounders.
(I I'm not ripped already after doing 1 rep with those 3 pounders is beyond me as well!)
I also don't have extra money at this point in time to go buy some heavier free weights.
So, I'm making do with what I currently have.
Which isn't much, but I'm getting super jealous of seeing all these lovely ladies and their amazing results they're getting with concentrated exercises on their arms and legs.
I do own a copy of the 30 Day Shred, so I think I may just need to buckle down and pull that bad boy out again.
At least that gives me a regimented plan in the direction of toning up some of the flub!

So, I need to hone in on really working and toning my arms specifically and amp up some squats and lunges.
And I need to do this more than just 1 day a week.
And I need a friend personal trainer-like person to come to my house to kick my ass for me and make me do all of this.
I need an Elle Noel or Skinny Meg in my life!

I also want to increase my speed when it comes to running.
For awhile I was seeing average paces like this.

Since my H.A.F. and especially since my 10k just a week and a half ago, I'm seeing more paces like this.

Perhaps my crappy eating is attributing to this.
But I don't like what I'm seeing.
I really started priding myself in running an average sub 9-minute mile.

I have a 5k in June that is a fairly flat and easy course that I want to PR all over.
Like under 26 minutes. (VERY wishful thinking is more like under 25 minutes...)
I plan to really concentrate on speed training.
And by "speed training", I mean, run at a comfortable pace for half a mile, then sprint/run hard the next half mile and so on and so forth for 3 miles worth.
I've also done these treadmill intervals.

I need to research more of how to amp up my speed.
Any of you beauts out there have any speed training suggestions??

To end today, I want to make you all very, very jealous....
In 24 hours I will be hanging out with this little lady
 And her sweet little beauties!
(Stalking your IG pics, much?!?!)


  1. I am pumping up my clean eating too! I think it will help us bust the plateau!

  2. I'm so freaking excited I cannot stand it!! I know Zoey will love Royce!!
    Ok, so I'm starting the 30DS soon, and plan on doing 6 days per week to finish it in 5 weeks. Want to be accountability buddies? ;) also, what lb weights would you use if you could? 5 or 8? I do 8 for most but 5 for some moves.

  3. I dusted off my 30 DS for the first time in months yesterday and I really enjoyed it! If you want to do the 30 DS together and keep each other accountable, I'd be down! :)

    Also, I'm at 152, too. Weight twins! I keep finding weight twins who drop the weight and leave me behind--you probably will, too, Ms Speedy Gonzlez. But you know what? I'd love to get to the 140s by the end of April, too, so maybe we can stay twinsies! ;)

  4. Clean eating is a bitch, isn't it? I am starting to amp up my meals and workouts (aka pay more attention and work harder) due to upcoming warm weather and shorts that do not fit! I am casually doing Ripped in 30 until half marathon training is over (SOON!) and then I am gonna hit it hard. All 30 days baby! I'm noticing a trend of Meredith and Kate mentioning 30DS accountability buddies....should we start a challenge??

    Speaking of Meredith, I am SO JEALOUS you are hanging out with her! Have fun, ladies!!

    And you are killing it with the running. Way to go!

  5. I can't wait to hear about the hanging out.. YAY...

  6. Yeahh for the 26.2 miles for Boston! :) You can totally get down to the 140's by the end of the month if you buckle down with your eating... and the weight training will help too. That always helps me lose the lbs. fast. Good luck - can't wait to hear how you do!

  7. Jillian is def the way to get those toned arms girl! Kara mentioned doing a JM challenge with you and I say, let's get there! I'm fixin to do the 6 week 6 pack right now, we'll see how well I do! Ready for the end of ORB, I told Kara we should all meet up at a hotel in mid America for a ORB pic, but that's slightly creepy, telling my husband I'm driving to a hotel in Virginia to meet an internet friend...Catfish tv show? hahaha