Friday, April 26, 2013

Is This Thing On?

It's official!!
I met one of my BBFs IRL!

(Side note...My IRL BBF asked me a very legit question. How does one pronounce my name? I never thought to give y'all the correct pronunciation...considering it's been a topic of contention my whole life!
My name rhymes with know the thing at a beach...and add an "uh" at the end.
Or try rhyming it with "mirror" only exchange the "er" at the end with an "uh"
Or you can just watch this awkward as hell video of me pronouncing it real quick-like

Mind blown, right?!?)

Anyway...back to my IRL BBF

Meredith over at Is This Thing On? and her family were on "vacation" just an hour and a half south of where I live.
So Royce and I drove our happy little tails down yonder!

And we are so glad we did!!

Meredith was just as sweet and pretty as you would already assume!!
She greeted me right away with a hug, then Starbucks, then a gift!!!
And all I had to offer were some chocolate chip Teddy Grahams for Zoey!!

Homegirl is so thoughtful and generous...and it's genuine!
She has such a giving heart!
I had mentioned in my blog post on Wedensday that all I had were some 3-pound free weights...
So Meredith got me some 8-pounders!
No excuses now! ;)

We sat and chatted while the bambinos played in the play area at the mall.
Royce only hit about 5 or 6 kids and only escaped the play area about 300 times!
But we still managed to have a nice conversation!
There was never an awkward moment nor a lull in conversation.

After the kids exerted some energy while the mamas drank their energy we took a ride on the little train that drives around a small area of the mall.
$2 per person for a 2 second train ride?!? Totally worth it!! :)
The 5 of us crammed in one of the train cars and I'm bummed there's no picture documentation of that sight.
But, I think Royce and Zoey had a nice first date!

We then headed to the children's section of Barnes & Nobles for a play area change of scenery.
The kids were all so cute looking at the books and such.
And gave us even more time to chit chat!
And Savannah told us all about Pete the Cat.

Lunch time came and so did my number 1 chicken sandwich combo from Chik-Fil-A!
The kids stuffed their faces while we talked some more in between stuffing our faces.
And sadly...all good things must come to an end.
But not before getting in a mini-carousel ride!

We had a great time!!


  1. Bahahaha I love the video!! I am dying laughing!!! I have to admit, I felt silly asking, but I was all "Tyra Banks is spelled the same way as Kyra, but with a T!" Lol!!

    It was so incredibly awesome meeting you, like, it made my trip down there. For real. Royce is THE CUTEST little boy around, and I'm glad I got to pinch/kiss those cheeks.

    As for the 8 lbers ... You know it was just my ploy to make you miserable since I have to suffer too, right? ;) ;) ;) hahaha!

    Love my BBF!!!

  2. You girls are so cute! Glad you made a video of your name, I was tots pronouncing it wrong in my head since I have a girl at work with the same spelling but prounounces it "Ky-Ra" like Pie Rah :) how sweet she got you 8 lb weights...just in time for our JM challenge in May! I knew you were in VA but didn't think you were that close to DC since we were there that weekend. We will meet up...maybe even a Midwest Blissdom with only a couple of peeps. And your sweet kiddos on their first date is adorable!

  3. ROFL - Your video and pronounciation "guide" is hysterical! That's fantastic you guys got to meet IRL - YAY!