Thursday, April 4, 2013

[It's about time for] An Easter Recap

Yes, I know I'm a little late to the Easter recapping party.
But I wanted to have my baby boy's 2nd Easter documented somewhere, so "better late than never"!
(man, I hate cliche sayings!!)

The 2013 Easter Hoilday started off with a trip to see the Easter Bunny himself on Thursday (March 28) night.
When we first got there there was no line whatsoever (Hallelujer!!!)
Royce ran over to the bunny and waved to him, showed him his ball and even touched his furry paw
I was amazed by how seamless this was going.
Until I placed Royce on Mr. Bunny's lap.
He immediately started reaching out for me and eventually went to crying.
But we managed to get a semi-decent one out of it!
Good thing Royce had his "a ball" there to comfort him!
If you follow me on Instagram (@kbeavtann) you saw my post about Royce's 'security blanket' being "a ball"
You'll see exactly what I mean about this in the rest of the pics too!

Friday night, we dyed Easter eggs.
We always dyed eggs for Easter when I was growing up.
It's one of my favorite memories/tradition.
Even to this very day, if we're at my mom's for Easter, we dye eggs.
And that's not because myself and my siblings all have kids of our own now.
Seriously, if none of us had kids, we would still dye Easter eggs with our mom!
Anyway, Royce wasn't super impressed which explains why we only dyed 8 eggs!
He'll get there!

Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt that my mother-in-law does for her church.
It was a gorgeous day.
We were actually there from 3 in the afternoon to about 9 at night.
They did an egg hunt for the younger kids at 3, then we had hot dogs and what not for dinner and when it got dark, the bigger kids did a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt!
Royce could care less about the eggs.
He had "a ball" in each hand so ain't nobody got time fo picking up Easter eggs!
At the Easter egg hunt on Saturday (#chicksdigme) on the left and in his Easter Sunday best on the right!

Sunday, we woke up and opened Royce's Easter basket at our house.
He got lots of candy, a book with different farm animals that have the animal "fur" to feel (he LOVES those books!), Mickey Mouse swim trunks and a Mickey Mouse tool box set.

We then went across the street to my in-laws for breakfast and to get Royce's Easter swag from them.
My SIL got me these 2 workout shirts. (Easter Bunny loves getting Kyra some workout/running swag!)

I call what I wore to breakfast at the in-laws "Easter Comfy Chic".
But I decided it best to change to "Easter Pretty Chic" for church!

And just one last montage of other fun little Easter goodness...
I made that bunny bag moments before Royce's Easter egg hunt on Saturday.
While Royce was napping, I was catching up on reading my sister's crafty blog and came across this how-to post and constructed that cute little bag!

My in-laws bought some baby chicks!
When Royce looks in the box he starts barking at them....every animal is a dog to him!

And Royce got an Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse from his Aunt Rebecca.
I think I'm more excited about it than Royce is.
But tell me it's not super adorable!! (Especially when your son is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)

All in all, it was a beautiful holiday with my beautiful family celebrating our beautiful Risen Savior!


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  2. Great pics! Looks like you guys had a blessed Easter. Love Royce's "security ball", it's funny how they latch on to certain things. He's so adorable!!! Love the new running swag too :)

  3. He is absolutely adorable and I LOVE that his go-to comforting thing is a ball. What a little goof!

    Also, I think baby chickadees = the best Easter ever!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, sisbabes! Wishnwe could've all been together for Easter (*tear*), but glad it still managed to be awesome for you guys!