Sunday, September 2, 2012

My baby broke me

So, for the past 2 weeks the left side of my neck and shoulder have been killing me!
It hurt to sleep.
It hurt to hold my little guy.
And yesterday, it hurt to run.
I had the whole "turn your whole body to look behind you cos you can't turn your neck"

Yeah. Awkward!

Well good thing the hubs got me a gift certificate for a massage for our anniversary LAST YEAR.
And good thing the massage therapist threw in an extra certificate just for shits and giggles
(and she loves us!)

Last Wednesday, I called to schedule a massage for today and seriously was counting down the days!

I told her i didn't know what the cause of it pillow, my lug of a son, or perhaps the new intense workouts.
She asked how much my son weighs...
"21 pounds"
With a glow in her eye, we knew she'd fond the answer.

She explained that the most common scenario she'd encountered was when the babies reach the 20-25 pound weight, that the "simple" act of picking up that baby and twisting your torso to plop that lug on your hip has been known to pop ribs out before.

Sure enough, when she got to my back ....
"oh yeah, that's a rib..."
Yuuuuuup! (anyone else watch 'Storage Wars'?? Anyone?? Annnnnnnyone?!?) of my ribs was popped out.
She did her work and felt pretty sure that she popped it back in.

So, I'm currently sore as a bitch and unable to pick up my sweet little rib-popping baby.

I'm slightly bummed cos I couldn't work out today and the way I'm feeling, I won't be working out tomorrow either.
But I know I don't want to mess anything up more.

And on an even better note...
I told the massage therapist just to focus on my "top" cos that's what was bothering me. There was just one instance where she (just barely) massaged my right butt cheek and I about came up off the table in PAIN!!
She asked how long I'd been running and I told her about 2 months.
Said I need to really stretch out my hips before I run or I'm gonna have some knee problems.
So she left that tender spot alone but said I should probably come back  so she can just work on that spot.

So, I'm a hot mess!
What 'chu got?!?


  1. OMGsh Kyra! I am so sorry to hear this! I hope you feel better! Don't let this bring you down. I have never heard of holding a baby wrong causing you to pop out a rib! I will totally be careful from here on out! WHEW! Healing thoughts girl! Xo

  2. OUCH!!! That sounds so painful! I hope you feel better very soon.

  3. Oh my gosh, I've never heard of that before! My baby boy is 24 pounds and now I'm terrified of enduring that! I totally didn't need to know about that. LOL Yep, ignorance is truly bliss. ;)

    1. I'd never heard it before either! But don't be scurred! Just be a little more careful picking up your little sweetums! The therapist said the act of picking up and twisting and slinging them on your hip is enough to do now I pick Royce up A LOT gentler! :)