Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dress for wedding!

So, remember when I told y'all about the dress I wanted to wear for a wedding in September?!?

Well, I bought the khaki and coral dress from Kohl's on August 10th and check out the fit then...

no bueno!
Hot, right?!?

Fast forward to the beautiful event this past weekend, September 29th and check out the fit!
me gusta!
 Amazing what some hard work and dedication can do!!

And just for funsies, check out my cute little family at the wedding! 
(I'm a sucker for matching attire for a wedding!)
Dammit! How do I rotate the picture?!? Oh well, we look super cute from the side too!


  1. You look good!! I love the coral! :)

  2. You look awesome! Love the must have been feeling so great. Hard work does pay off!