Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Motivator

Ugh! Life's a bitch! I take that back...cake is a bitch. Cake is the biggest bitch I know. Last night we went to a cookout at church. I knew there would be temptations, so I ate my lovely salad with grilled chicken before hand. Worked perfectly! Until they brought out the cake and ice cream. I fought the urge at first, but then gave in. Dammit! I got one scoop of ice cream and a tiny piece of cake (portions that small were an act of God in itself). And guess what?!?! Neither were really that good! But I finished them both nonetheless. As I said before, Bitch! Now, on a good note, I didn't splurge like I normally would, but I'm still beating myself up for it. I did so well for the past couple days. Eventually, that tiny piece of cake and one scoop of ice cream on occasion will be fine. It's called Balance. But right now, it's do or die time. I don't want to fool around this early in the game. Please, healthy eating....take me back! :)

 Ok, enough doting! Today is a new day! My Aunt Patty told me about these shakes she's been drinking and she's lost about 7 pounds in 2 weeks (doing 2 shakes a day and a healthy dinner with protein and a few healthy snacks as well as walking/running). So, I had one for breakfast this morning. Not too bad! For this week at least, I plan to do this shake every morning for breakfast. Healthy eating the rest of the day as well as exercising. Stay tuned for the results!
Here's the recipe:
 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 1 cup each of plain yogurt, crushed pineapple & water, 2 bananas.
 Blend well in mixer and drink!
         Add 1 Tbsp flax seed for extra fiber
         Use 1 cup of crushed ice instead of the water for a colder smoothie
         Use Greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt for some protein (These last to are what I did this morning             and recommend!)

I mentioned "Mama Laughlin"s blog in my first post. She wrote something in hopes of motivating and inspiring anyone wanting to lose weight. THIS is what lit a fire under my butt to get me going. I seriously cried reading it. I could relate and it got to me! I immediately printed it out and hung it on my fridge to read every day. It's also "bookmarked" on my iPad so I can quickly pull it up at any time! I want to share it with you all cos I think it's that good!
Check it! :

So, get MOVING and get MOTIVATED on this MONDAY!!!!

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  1. Mama Laughlin's post is very moving...and there's a lot of the things she said that I can relate to. I want to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle to be a better role model for my daughter. It does take much support from family and friends to get going. You're on the right track! Don't kick yourself for a piece of cake when you started with a salad. Since you just started, maybe next time you'll be able to say no and not take the cake. One step at a time <3