Friday, July 20, 2012

There's an app for that!

I just wanted to highlight a helpful little tool I've been using along this journey...

For those of you who are iPhone or iPad users, there's an app called Calorie Count. (for those of you not on the i...bandwagon, the website is ) As part of my weight loss regimen, I am monitoring my portion control and food intake. I'm shooting for 1200 calories a day. With Calorie Count, I simply go to the food log, search for the food I just ate and pick whether I had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. I log it and it saves it to the appropriate day. I then go to the Activity log, search and choose the activity I did and for how long and log it. This tells me how many calories I burned! At the end of each day, once all my food and activities for that day is logged, I hit the "Complete Day" button and it saves everything and also grades how I did that day. - my average has been a "B"- It also tells me what level of what, protein, fat, vitamin C, etc. I had for that day. I can also enter my weight and it keeps track of my weight loss! It also gives me the ability to share my day with the other users, in hopes of building that support. There are many other features of this tool that I have yet to use. - that just requires me taking time to sit down and understand how those features work. But so far, I'm very pleased with the use I've gotten out of it thus far. It just helps me keep track of all I've done during the day...and though the week; As Calorie Count saves everything you've logged!

It really is a neat tool just to help along the way. And I have to give a shout out to Tammie Gloss for telling me about it! :)

**some Cons to this app is that it sometimes just kicks me off. So the next time I log in It gives me a message asking if I want to report the crash. I always do, and I recently just got an upgrade notice for the app, so maybe some of that is fixed in the upgrade. And also, when you search for a food, some of the foods have a bunch of different choices with different calories listed (you also have the ability to add a food yourself, so I think one too many people have done just that, creating a lot of entries for one food) But, I try to look at the nutrition facts on the product I have eaten and then choose the best one from the list in regards to the amount of calories. You can also change the size of the serving to tailor the calories to just how many you actually ate! Download the app or go to the website and play around with it yourself! You'll learn as you go, and if not, ask me and I'll try to help you best as possible!!**

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  1. Awesome app! A friend of mine uses something like this called MyFitnessPal ( she lost 28 lbs using it. It definitely takes dedication to log everything you eat. You're doing great Kyra! Keep up the good work cause it WILL pay off!