Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goals! Goals! Everywhere!

I've decided to create one post with all my goals I'd like to reach. I've noticed there are different goals mentioned in lost of different posts, so for clarity of my mind, I'm jotting them all down here... in one location!

  • In bed every night by 10 pm. - I haven't been doing excellent at this one! It has been anywhere between 10 and 11, so that's better than before

  •  Morning Walk/Run, Light Calisthenics (jumping jacks, pushups, squats, etc) and Evening family walk - I have totally rocked the AM shtick! So far this week, I've gone every day except Saturday! The rain has put a  damper on our evening walks this past week. And I've done pretty good on the calisthenics...I've done them about 4 times this week.

  •  170 pounds by Aug 24th **Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean concert!! - As my results haven't been what I want them to be, I'm not so sure I'll actually obtain this one. But I do know I'll be thinner than I am now when this time comes. Still working and striving for the 170, though!

  •  Wear dress from Kohl's to wedding September 29th - I'll talk more about this one after the concert goal. Basically, we'll see what weight I am by the concert and then decide what to shoot for in September!

  •  Will only weigh myself on Mondays and Thursdays - Haven't stepped foot on the scale since Thursday thus far!! :)

  •  Complete a 5K in November - This is one I haven't mentioned in the blog yet, but my friend Tammie and I have discussed running one together! 

 Ahhhh.....I feel much better!! I love organization!

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  1. I'm really glad I've been able to go with you these past few mornings, even though I've taken the short routes and just kept walking. I am inspired by your goals and determination!