Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's been awhile...

So....remember the time I took an unintentional blogging break for 2 weeks?!?!
Yeah, that definitely just happened!

Life has just been so effing busy!!
I know we all complain about being too busy, but honestly, I'm bored when life isn't on the run, so what can ya do?

Can you please just humor me for a second to tell you about how we have absolutely NO free weekends in the month of September.
Every single minute of every single weekend day in September is packed full!
So, I'll see y'all in October!!
(Not really...but seriously...)

Not to mention that September is my son's birthday month.
And mama loves to party plan.
But she has to loves to party plan on a super tight budget!
So every other second spent not working, running, sleeping, eating, taking care of my child during the week (cos we've already discussed weekends are O-U-T out!) will be spent crafting up a Mickey Mouse storm.

I know there has now been 3 weekends that have passed that I haven't shared every detail of every second  with y'all.
And I know how y'all are just dying for each and every detail.
But for everyone's sanity sake, let's just leave it as....they've been packed full of greatness!

This past weekend we were back in my hometown of Pennsylvania for a long 4 day weekend.
It was absolutely wonderful and filled with lots of family, friends, and food and absolutely no running!
And speaking of Pennsylvania...I don't think I shared my awesome new phone cover!
Thanks Mama Laughlin for the heads up from this adorable little Etsy shop: Studio Cicada

And since I mentioned running...
I had a personal goal of running #80milesinAugust.
87.4 miles!Boom!

And I mentioned before that I have recently started running with some girls in my town.
I love it and love the relationships I'm forming with them!
One of them is a member of this running club an hour and a half away from us.
She gets one of the running coaches from this club to email her a weekly training schedule so that's what we follow!
It's almost like having my own personal running coach!
The 3 main other girls that I run with are training for a Full Marathon in November.
I, out of nowhere really, decided, "Hey, I should do a Full too!"
I am unable to do the one they are doing, but there is one nearby the weekend after theirs so crazy woman over here is following their plan from the running coach to prepare for my second half and first full.

I'm stoked and scared all at the same time!!
My biggest fear in doing the full is when and where and how many times I'll "hit a wall".
I know in my half, it was about miles 8-10 where it was a serious battle inside my head that was I had a very hard time getting past it.
My fear in running this Full, by myself, is getting over and past those mind battles when the race is twice as long.
Any marathoners out there care to impart your insight and wisdom on that one?!?

Thanks for accepting me back into your lives even when I neglect all of you! :)
Stick around cos I've got a few things in the works....
Some super awesome results (I'm talking B&A's, ladies) 
And a giveaway of my favorite things! (You know, the one I was planning when I reached 100 followers...that happened in May or June...better late than never??)


  1. Ahh! Missed you lady! I can't believe you are training for a full! You will do amazing!! I can't wait to hear your experience. I love that you have a running group. How did you find them? My town is so small that I don't think I could around here?!

  2. I have been MIA from blogging too- I am here to tell you I am glad you're back but ITS OK:)

    I have the same thoughts on the full too- I am SO excited and ready to pound it out but I am scared as hell too! haha

  3. Glad you're back and doing a full! You go girl! I know you'll kick butt even by yourself. We were just in Gouldsboro PA for the weekend when we went camping, beautiful up there and I even visited the town of Scranton :)

  4. Happy to see you here! And way to blow past your running goal! I'm excited to hear all about your FULL marathon training (whaaatt??!)!

  5. 1.) The Mickey wreath is beyond AWESOME
    2.) LOVE: the phone cover and that MILEAGE, go Kyra!

    Can't wait to hear about all the races and baby boys birthday BASH :)

  6. I just ran my first marathon last weekend! It is all a mental game, what I followed was 1) trust your training, it will get your legs through it all 2) envision yourself completing the race, sure you will have tough times, but you can power through it, 3) it is okay to walk, even if it is just through the water stations to swallow all that water! 4) fuel/nutrition I ate a gel every 6 mi but you will find what you need.

  7. I've been on a blogging hiatus myself.... end of summer is so hectic!

    Love that Mickey wreath!!!!

    3/4 of my boys have birthdays in September, so I hear ya on the birthday planning! We are planning up a storm here in September as well :)