Wednesday, September 18, 2013

100 Follower Appreciation Giveaway!!

So, I thought about doing a giveaway when I reached 100 followers WELL before I even reached 100 followers!
And when it finally happened in June, I started working on getting the deets together for the actual giveaway...

And now here we are, in September and I still have not let y'all know how much I appreciate each and every one of you!!
(For shame!!)

Well, since those cruddy situations have been having some positive and beautiful changes...
And since my son is turning 2 this Sunday...
And since September is month number 9 and that is my favorite number...
And since fall is right around the corner...
And dammit...just because y'all are so gosh darn awesome...


That's right, a couple of my very favorite things...most of them having to do with working out/running, because I couldn't have gone through this transformation without the help and encouragement from y'all.

And a few other must-have's for good measure!!

Here's the loot:

A Bondi Band! These things have been my saving grace this summer in the heat and humidity!
Wicking that sweat so it don't be drippin' in my eyes!
Now, I know the weather is starting to cool down some, but we still sweat!
Plus it can double as an ear warmer. (Bonus!!)
Heck, I even wear it sometimes when I do my Jillian Michaels workouts...cos Lord knows that bia makes me sweat!!

Zico Chocolate coconut water!
This is my go-to for after workout replenishment.
It tastes like chocolate milk with less calories and fat AND has 5 electrolytes and as much potassium as a banana!

My very favorite Luna bars: Chocolate Dipped Coconut and Iced Oatmeal Raisin.
Luna bars are the best pre-run (workout) snack in my opinion.
They're not too much to make me feel sick and full, but just enough to keep me going!!

If I'm doing a run longer than 6 miles, I take a GU Energy gel!
Chocolate outrage is the only one I can stand because it tastes like chocolate icing that I would eat by the spoonfuls straight out of the container!
These aren't for everyone, so why not take the opportunity to win a free one to try for yourself!! :)

A $10 Starbucks gift card.
Cos, duh?!?!? 

And last, but not least...
A necklace made by my incredibly talented sister, Shannon!
We liked the idea of it being motivational and fashionable!!
"Push Yourself"...a constant reminder to do just that!
And the dictionary meaning...for when you really need that extra push! :)

So there you have it, folks!!
Enter the Rafflecopter below and random number generator will help me pick the winner on Sunday, the baby boy's 2nd birthday!!

Happy Entering!!
and THANK YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Yay! Entered! Love that necklace!

  2. Impressed by your before and after pics!!!

  3. You look awesome!! And how perfect is your goodies! I've been timid to try any bars mostly because there are so many to choose from, who knows which ones I would like?!

    Keep up the hard work because you are doing it!! The right way!

  4. Hi Chica. I soooooo gotcha on the get thin, gain weight, get thin, then gain weight. I always tell people that if you were to hold up a daily pic of me I would look like an accordian growing then getting smaller. You've done a fabu job of losing weight after having your baby. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  5. New here, but so excited to be a follower! :) I can SOOOOO relate with your struggles (and your successes!) - after 4 babies, I'm (FINALLY!) the thinnest (and fittest) I've ever been, including high school, and it feels so good to be healthy! Way to go on your journey and for being so encouraging, too! Love your blog!

  6. New here, but hoping I win something!!! Congrats on your weight loss.

  7. So glad I found your blog! you're an inspiration!!...thanks for the giveaway, too :)

  8. I just found your blog and hope your motivation will help me lose my baby weight! I would love to win this giveaway also!

  9. That is my favorite GU too!!! Only kind I will eat though someone just recently told me about Salted Caramel that actually sounds good too!