Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Such a Slacker

Yes, I realize I am 100% slacking in the blogging department.
Life is just super busy!
And it really doesn't show much slowing down until October!
(And by October, I probably really mean January...)

This past weekend was another super busy one!
It was back up to Pennsylvania for a weekend full of pre-wedding festivities for a wedding I'm in on September 28th.

Royce and I set out for the 5 hour drive on Thursday afternoon.
That evening, my 2 siblings, sister-in-law, mom, and the 3 grandkids just hung out!

We may or may not have played the cup song from Pitch Perfect a million times to get our timing right on the singing.
Because we're that friggin' awesome.
And just because they're the sweetest...

Melts my heart. Cousins really do make the best friends!!

Friday, I got up and ran 2 miles.
And then the rest of the day was spent running all around town picking up last minute items needed for the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Friday night, we threw a his & her "I Do BBQ" shower for the bride and groom!

And then Saturday morning, I was up to kiss my baby boy goodbye (lucky Grandma got to spend some time with that sweet little guy!) and head off for some bachelorette festivities!
We started out with brunch prepared by the maid of honor's parents.

Mango mimosas, egg casserole served with sausage and bacon, and homemade cinnamon rolls!!
(No picture of that yummy goodness...Mama didn't have time to take one as fast as I ate it!)

Then we were off to the local brewery!
This was probably my favorite part!!
We got a tour of the brewing facility...
And then, of course tasted the goods!!
I chose a flight of six beers and was in heaven!!
My favorites were the "Gobbler Lager" (which I will most definitely have a 6-pack of for Thanksgiving!) and the "White Horse" - a banana wheat beer....AMEN and Praise Jesus!!
So freaking delicious!

We then headed up to a cabin about 30 minutes out of town.
No cell phone reception whatsoever!
And I have to admit...it was nice to basically "unplug" completely.
(Even though I sometimes had to suppress the anxiety-ridden mommy moments!)

We relaxed a little and took a walk before heading out for dinner.
I had some of the best Garlic Parmesan wings in my life!
And finally got to try Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer.
Both were incredibly delicious!
And, to be honest, I thought about taking a picture, but quickly squashed that idea cos I couldn't wait to dig in!! (#fatgirlprobs)

And since there wasn't much going on in the small town where we were, we actually decided just to head back to the cabin to drink and play "Cards Against Humanity"
- so much fun!!
I think we all discovered I have a sick and twisted mind!

Sunday morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, and lazed around some before heading back into civilization.
I could not wait to get back to my baby!!

I took a nap with him before heading back home to Virginia!

All in all it was a great weekend.
A little too fast.
I could've had an extra Sunday in this weekend to just do nothing...
But I definitely made some great memories!!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Weekends should definitely be 3 days, 2 days for fun & 1 day for recuperation!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! And woohoo for 2 miles!
    Oh, I love that blue shirt with flowers! Adorbs

  3. Sounds like the perfect wedding weekend--all in one pop! And every activity sounds like a blast!! Who's the girl giving the bunny ears in the group picture? I totally thought that was you when I first glanced at it! Also, banana wheat beer? loooooooove!

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love the idea of an "I Do BBQ" and the brewery and cabin sounds like my kinda party!!