Thursday, January 3, 2013

Running group = friends???????

So, I found out there's a "Road Runners" group in my area.
My husband's old college roommate is one of the "leaders" (?? "Leader" is used very lightly...basically he has admin privileges to their group on Facebook so he added me.)
I saw that the South Hill Road Runners hosted a run on New Years day so I messaged said college roommate to see what they were about and then
Next thing I know, I'm scouring the previous posts of this "secret group" (I love that that's what Facebook categorizes them as!) about where all these local and surrounding area races are taking place!

This is what I've been waiting for!!!!! 
*cue the angels singing!*   

I found out that a group of them have signed up to do the Color Run in Richmond, VA in September. 
I had already signed up as an individual runner.
- And convinced my cousin, Sarah, to sign up too...which I'm super stoked about!!
So, I emailed the Color Run peeps and asked if we could be put on the South Hill Road Runners team.
And just like that, we're in!!
I'm so stoked for this race!
If you've never heard of it, watch this video:

I also found out that there happens to be a 10K in Richmond taking place on February 16th.
Which happens to fall on the week in which my Half training program suggests I do a 10K.
I think so! ; )  

Anyway, I wrote a little message introducing myself to the group.

I'm really hoping to meet new people and make running friends and running more races this year.

Although I didn't list this as one of my resolutions, I should have...
I resolve to make friends.
Wow, saying that out loud makes me sound like a LOSER!!!

But alas, it's true.
All my closest friends live in Pennsylvania...5 hours away.
And a few other close friends live in Richmond, VA...1 1/2 hours away.
I only have acquaintances down yonder. (<-- this means "here" in Southern talk... for all you people in the rest of the world!!)
: ( 
Sure, I speak to people I know...Smile and say "hi" in Walmart.
I have coworkers that I laugh and have fun with during those 6-8 hours I actually go into the office.
I take Royce to play dates and really enjoy that time with the other mommies.

But I have no one that I call/text/hang out with on a regular basis.
A lot of it is my doing.
Yes, it's a small town, so trying to stick yourself into friend equations that go decades back is like me currently trying to squeeze my goodies into my 30-year-old MILF jeans
Not effin happening!

But I think I'm also guilty of holding people at a comfortable distance.
I don't make the effort or take the time to really make friends down here cos I think that I already have all the real/true/best friends I need in my life. (even though they all happen to be hours away. Not to mention this thought is absolutely FALSE!!)

Perhaps I'm still holding out for the move back to Pennsylvania.
(That deep down I know will NEVER happen)

Well guess what?!?!
This extrovert is getting lonely.
womp womp womp....

I'm not trying to bring this post down or have you all feel sorry for me or to make you  stop reading my posts cos I'm a loser, baby...

So enough of me playing my tiny little violin!!

You heard it hear...
Starting with this running group...


  1. I'm doing the Color Run in February in Jacksonville! It's my first 5k and I'm super pumped/scared to death all at the same time.

    I hear you on the friends thing! I only had one really close friend in high school, and we're still close, but she's single and attending the university, and I'm married with a baby and taking night classes. We just have such different lives and schedules right now, its hard to get together. Hopefully you will make some awesome friends in the running group!

    1. You will do great and have so much fun, Racheal!

      It is hard as life changes us...but great friendships will always shine through! Even if that means time spent a little apart!
      Change is a good thing, but sometimes it sucks! :)

  2. First - GO YOU!
    Second - If I were me I'd be your friend :)
    Third - We know your last name cause it's on your Blogger profile, silly.
    Fourth - Move back here so we can be SAHM/WAHM playdate/running buddies!

  3. Haha! Your "third" point cracked me up! As I was crossing out my last name, I thought, everyone that reads this can easily see my last name. But I still felt it necessary to cross it out! Hee hee!

    And I love and agree with all your other points!! : )